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 Why Foster? 
 If you have a servant's heart, love children, want to make a positive  impact on your community and would like to receive a bi-weekly  reimbursement to cover your costs, fostering may be the avenue for you  to make a difference in a child's life. Here are some of the top reasons  families choose DFS for fostering:

 1. Changing (and in some cases "saving") a child's life by providing a  loving and safe home environment in which the child may flourish;
 2. Providing opportunities to the child that have made available through  monies obtained from our fundraising efforts;
 3. Positively impacting your community by providing care for the  children of families that are less fortunate and unable to support those  children;
 4. Receiving a
tax-free reimbursement to cover the cost of care for the  child.

Why Choose DFS?
We believe that to achieve the highest quality of care for a child, we have to provide the highest quality of service to those giving that care. It is the DFS philosophy that our foster parents are the true heroes in changing children's lives. Therefore, it's our responsibility and desire to support you in every way possible. We understand the difficulties in maintaining compliance with the hundreds of state regulations, the time constraints involved with paperwork and documentation, and the financial implications related to fostering and adoption. Here just a few reasons how DFS sets itself apart from other agencies:

1. Putting you, the foster parent, first in each situation and when making organizational decisions. We believe it's important to always consider how each situation or decision will effect your ability to care for your children;
2. Offering above average reimbursement rates to help support your financial obligations to care for your children;
3. Working hard to decrease the amount of the paperwork required for you to maintain compliance;
4. Providing you with all of the tools and resources you need to provide the greatest care to your children possible;
5. Adopting the philosophy that the foster families are a part of the DFS Team...not just the families we serve.

Contact Us
If you're interested in joining the DFS Team as a foster parent or in another capacity, please contact us by clicking here. We look forward to working with you in changing the lives of children!

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