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About Us

 Divinity Family Services, Inc. (DFS) is a  Child Placing and Foster-to-Adopt      Agency based in Kerrville, Texas with a mission to find loving foster and adoptive families for children in  need of a safe and caring home. Currently, DFS is in the process of building a base of quality, loving foster  and adoptive families with whom we can find homes for these children in need.

 Why We Formed:
 DFS was formed from a collaboration of ideas of several service-oriented members of the community with  a desire to serve local children who are victims of turbulent and destructive family environments. As  the  number of children removed from these destructive environments has steadily risen over the last  several  years, it became clear that there was an opportunity to serve. It was because of the need of  the community  and this opportunity to serve children that DFS was created.

 Our Philosophy:
  One of our most distinguishing qualities as an agency is the philosophy by which we approach foster care.   At DFS, we realize that to provide the highest quality of care to our children, we as an agency have to    provide the highest quality of service to our foster families. We view our foster families as servants who  deserve respect and support in their mission to care for children. It is the DFS philosophy to engage in a  supporting role for the true heroes of this industry...the foster parents. If you are interested in changing a  child's life through fostering, please click here.

The DFS Team:
We take pride in the extensive experiences and backgrounds of the DFS Founding Team (over 40 years of combined experience in the child-care industry). DFS has the unique blend of serving with heart and compassion through those team members with experience in social services (the counseling staff, caseworkers, and program director) while the agency's administrative functions will be run efficiently and lean with a CEO whose education and background is in business coupled with over 25 years of experience in residential child care.

The Future:
The future is bright. As DFS grows and expands, the family services offered will be extended. DFS is already in the planning stages to offer adoption services. In addition, DFS is focused on solving social issues at the root causes and plans to become actively involved in education, promotion of social and political awareness, and addressing other human service needs (such as addictions). For more about the DFS vision, please click here. 

                                                                                        Divinity Family Services, Inc.
                                                                     819 Water Street, Suite 120
                                                                            Kerrville, Tx 78028

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